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CFA Institute partners with a limited number of globally diverse, select institutions that cover a significant portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge, including ethical and professional standards, in their degree programs. These universities must be willing to serve as role models to other institutions and must be recognized as leaders.

Università Bocconi and CFA Institute have signed a partnership aimed at raising the awareness of the international financial community regarding the importance of rigorous educational standards, integrity, ethics and professional excellence. Recognizing Bocconi as a CFA Program Partner, CFA Institute signals to potential students, employers, and the marketplace that Bocconi's curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and to preparing students for the CFA examinations. Students will in fact thus combine academic studies with specific preparation in order to attain a professional certification.

The partnership regards:
the Bachelor of Economics and Finance (CLEF)
the Bachelor of International Economics, Management and Finance (BIEMF)
the Master of Science in Finance (CLEFIN – LS).

Bocconi is among a limited number of universities worldwide recognized as CFA Program partners.
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Comments on the Partnership

"CFA Program Partner institutions recognize that the best way to educate their students for careers in the investment industry is with our Candidate Body of Knowledge," says Bob Johnson, managing director of the CFA. "Students will study concepts and principles that have been identified by investment industry leaders worldwide as essential to global practice. By mastering these fundamentals of the CFA Program, students will be well on their way to earning the highly valued CFA charter."

"Our two-year M.Sc. in Finance is aimed at offering students a combination of strong technical skills in all the fields required for a successful finance specialist, a clear understanding of practical applications of these techniques, and a deep sense of social responsibility," says Angelo Provasoli, rector of Bocconi University. "This is why we consider CFA Institute as a natural partner for our program, since we know the great work that CFA Institute has done through the years and with increasing worldwide success to continuously improve the professional and the ethical standards of the finance profession."

The initiative offers Bocconi students access to CFA Institute textbooks, journals, webcasts, and other educational resources. Students will also benefit from professional development events held in conjunction with the Italian CFA Society such as a special lecture series that covers CFA Program-specific content.

"The CFA Institute and CFA Program are highly renowned in the international environment of asset management and research analysis professionals," says Francesco Saita, Dean of Bocconi Graduate School, "and we believe that that CFA Institute's recognition of our program will be highly appreciated also by the important investment banks who have already taken on many of our best students."

Barbara Valbuzzi, CFA, past President, CFA Society Italy, commented: “I am delighted that the CFA Institute’s relationship with Bocconi and our society continues to grow stronger. This is a reflection of the need for ongoing education among investment professionals. By encouraging undergraduate students to engage with us earlier on during their studies, we hope to encourage them to continue learning and become lifelong supporters of the values of the CFA Institute.

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