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The Gold Standard for the Investment Profession

First awarded in 1963, the CFA charter is the designation of professional excellence within the global investment community. The CFA Program offers a truly global educational challenge where you'll build a fundamental knowledge of investment principles that is relevant in every market around the world.
Our self-study graduate-level program meets the needs of today's busy professionals. The program combines a broad-based course of study with professional conduct requirements. Employers and investors know the CFA charter is the definitive standard for measuring portfolio management and investment analysis competence and integrity.


If you're looking for a truly global designation that's respected worldwide, then the CFA Program is right for you and your firm.

You will gain:

- International Recognition - Employers and media around the world praise the CFA designation

- Credibility - Clients and colleagues regard you with a presumption of expertise

- Respect - Your efforts connect you with the prestige of existing charterholders

- Competitive Advantage - Employers and clients require professionals who demonstrate competence in implementing international investment strategies

- Knowledge with a Global Perspective - A practice analysis is conducted every five years to determine a globally relevant, broad-based curriculum.

- Connections - You join the more than 67,000 charterholders and 100,000 candidates around the world who are active investment professionals with senior responsibility

Who Should Register?

Whether your interests lie in financial analysis, research, marketing, or investment banking, the CFA Program's depth and breadth creates the foundation for exploring many career choices.

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A Decades-Long Tradition

Many credentialing programs promise an education in financial management that will transform your life. Only the CFA Program has successfully kept that promise for more than 40 years.

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